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Lamplighters, Inc. Partner With Escambia Children's Trust To Expand Reach Of Program!

Escambia Children's Trust To Provide Free Tuition for 2023-2024 Enrollment Class!

The Lamplighters program has long set goals to expand the organization to all grade levels and students who need our services the most. This shift manifested itself with the Escambia County Children's Trust Fund partnership. The Lamplighters intend to double the size of our program over the next three years to help shape, impact, and motivate young men across the county.

The Children's Trust Grant will cover the cost of program tuition, tutoring services, mental health coaching, cultural trips, and a new 15-passenger van to offset the cost of travel for up to 80 current and prospective lamps beginning this Spring. The grant will help Lamplighters. Inc. to serve up to 125 students over the next three years.

The grant will help the program to reach families who may not have been able to afford the services. "Our program is second to none in terms of consistency and services provided," said Andrew Maxwell II, LAMP Academy Program Director. "But the reality is that the services come at a cost that some families cannot afford."

"We are thankful that the grant will help to level the playing field for underserved families in our community. We are excited to welcome anyone who believes in our mission.” The mission of the Lamplighter Academic and Mentoring Program, Incorporated is to empower youth with academic and social skills, community connections, and progressive opportunities necessary to ensure their roles as active, educated, and responsible citizens. Since our charter date of 2015, we have successfully served over 200 male youth in grades third – twelfth.

The purpose of our organization is to instill self-efficacy while enhancing social and academic skills in a safe, fun, and nurturing environment with established professionals. Our mentoring team and staff are dedicated, community-oriented facilitators. The Pensacola Lamplighters is one of the few programs that target underserved males aged 6-18.

Interested in the program? We aim to welcome aspiring motivated candidates. If you know of a young man who is interested in joining our village, please fill out the Connect form below:

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