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Lamplighters Expanding in 2019!

Lamplighters, Inc. expand their brand with middle school "LAMP Academy" ahead of new enrollment class!

Time 2 Be Great!

What is LAMP Academy?

The LAMP Academy was birthed due to the need to reach larger groups of young men in the community through academic and enrichment activities. The Lamplighter Leadership Academy gives young men access to tutoring, cultural workshop services, college tours, and performance in annual events (such as GCODE, and STOMPFEST). Lamp Academy will be an expansion of Lamplighters, Inc. and will focus directly on middle school.

Why Middle School?

The Lamplighters program has long set goals to eventually expand the Lamplighter organization to all grade levels (K-12). This shift will start with the enrollment of middle school LAMP Academy members in 2019. It is the intent of the Lamplighters to shape, impact, and motivate young men at an earlier age.

"Many of our young men in the program come to us as High Schoolers" Bryan Freeman, Executive Director of the program said. "By the time they get to us as high schoolers, our mission is to prepare them for college, careers, and beyond. We miss the critical development years of middle grades where our LAMPs ignite their flame. This is the reason we organized LAMP Academy".

Interested In The Program?

The 2019 Middle and High School classes look to be our largest yet as we aim to welcome up to 15 High School candidates and 20 Middle School candidates. If you know of a young man who is interested in joining our village, please fill out the interest form below:

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