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Lamplighters, Inc. To Offer K12 Mentorship For Boys in Escambia and Santa Rosa County this Fall!

Updated: Feb 14

The Lamplighters seek to expand its ever-growing brand by offering academic and mentoring services for male students of all ages.

The Lamplighters program has long set goals to eventually expand the Lamplighter organization to all grade levels (K-12). This shift manifested itself with the enrollment of elementary school members in the Fall of 2020. It is the intent of the Lamplighters to shape, impact, and motivate young men at an early age.

The New Elementary School initiative was birthed due to the need to reach larger groups of boys in the community through academic and enrichment activities. The new elementary initiative introduces boys to brotherhood, self identity, cultural awareness, and performance in annual events (such as GCODE, and STOMPFEST). With the addition of the elementary program, Lamplighters, Inc. now offers K-12 mentoring for boys in Escambia and Santa Rosa County!

"Many of our young men in the program come to us as High Schoolers" William Freeman, Director of the new elementary program said. "By the time they get to us as high schoolers, our mission is to prepare them for college, careers, and beyond. We miss the critical development years of elementary grades where our LAMPs ignite their flame. This is the reason we organized the elementary initiative".

Interested In The Program?

We aim to welcome aspiring motivated candidates. If you know of a young man who is interested in joining our village, please fill out the Connect form below:

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